The World of Nude Recreation As Told By You

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Nudism & Health

Reduces stress and Improves Health

For over two years,I was my Mom's primary caregiver.She required a lot of assistance due to COPD and congestive heart failure.I had many people who were surprised when I casually mentioned having to routinely bathe her.They would ask if the nudity made me uncomfortable.I always said "No,it's just the human body,besides she bathed me when I was little.No big deal."
Whenever I had time away to recharge,I would relax in the nude.It was part of my recovery and now it's the way I reduce stress.I added this to my 30 year habit of sleeping nude.I sleep well most of the time.I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a great night's sleep.
Once my Mom passed,I got a check up and my doctor said my blood pressure and cholesterol readings were the best he'd ever seen for someone nearing 50.Need I say more about the health benefits of being clothes free? I think not.

Nudism and Mental Health

I really believe that nudity can have a very profound effect on your physical and mental health. I work in the world of suits and ties. Such clothing is restrictive and uncomfortable. I look forward to going home after work and removing my clothes, grabbing something to drink and retiring onto my backyard deck and relaxing. The sun and light breeze on my skin is both exhilarating and relaxing. My neighbors are aware of my preference for nudity, and are okay with it.

Being nude after a long and stressful day at work washes away that stress. I relax. I find that after a week of stress at work, if I spend a day at my nearest nudist resort, hiking the trails, or reading a good book by the lake, I go home completely relaxed. I only wish that I could go every weekend.

I began practicing nudism at home when I was a teenager. My mother was okay with my nudity; she found nothing wrong with it. She was okay with it in the proper setting.

I really believe that nudity can have a profound effect on one's physical and mental health. Clothes are inhibiting physically. You can certainly exercise much more freely without them. It is good for the fresh air to bathe your skin. Mental relaxation is also a benefit that comes with nudity.

If nudity were practiced more widely, I believe that the world would be a better place to live in. Body acceptance would lead to acceptance of other differences. They say that clothes define the person. That may be true in a negative sense. Nudity takes away that feeling of superiority that expensive clothes can bring.

Nudity can have profound effect on one's physical and mental well-being. And nudists are a very welcoming group of people. So, as Benjamin Franklin and Henry David Thoreau knew so well, take that"air bath" and let it cleanse you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Nothing Like It!

I am a 61 year old male who recently visited a nudist resort with my girlfriend up in Orlando. It is so relaxing that I plan on going back to the nudist resorts in the near future.

Pulling into the parking lot - stripping totally naked - then going into the lobby to check in. WOW - what a hoot! We went in the pool - the hot tub - and had dinner in the bar - totally nude. We met other people - some younger - some older - ranging from cops, teachers, businessmen ... to a retired Federal judge.

We took a long walk - everyone we saw was 100% nude and friendly as could be. The next morning, we went to breakfast - totally nude. Imagine walking into Dennys naked, except everyone there is naked!

It isn't a sex thing - it is exciting just to enjoy being naked and see so many other people naked.

We are truly enjoying the nudist lifestyle and plan on expanding our horizons to a multitude of other clubs!

Exercise leads to good health

As I've said many times I really enjoy being nude whether in the backyard, at a club, hiking the dunes, or just cleaning around the house. I've always been very aware of exercise since I like to play a lot of sports.

Exercising more has helped me to stay in shape and appreciate my body. When possible, I like to exercise in the nude and find out that it is not only more comfortable but I exercise for a longer period.

Being nude more and more often whether alone or socially, has given more confidence in myself and accept myself as I am.

Now that winter is coming exercising in the nude may be a bit difficult unless I turn up the heat so I'm a bit disappointed. I find that the more I'm nude the more opportunities I look to be nude.

Nude exercises in the summer in the backyard with the breeze are great.

Dreams Do Come True

While away on business seven years ago, I had a dream one night in my hotel room that I had started a "speech club." I had never even heard the term in my waking life but hey, it was a dream. As people would enter the room I would hand out a small piece of paper and pencil. When all were seated, I would start a timer and everyone would have 15 minutes to write a short speech about something that they felt very passionate about. Then every participant would stand up in front of the group and deliver their speech.

The odd thing was that while delivering your speech you had to be nude. No one would make fun or judge you because everyone would eventually take their turn delivering their nude speech. In my dream this was supposed to have a therapeutic value in self acceptance. I awoke the next morning staring at the ceiling and thinking "what a brilliant dream!" I shared the dream with my good friend and her face lit up and she said,"That was a brilliant dream!"

I laughed and said, "Funny you chose those words, that is what I said."

I then emailed my sister and told her about it and she said, "Wow, that was a brilliant dream!" My sister went on to say that she had always been interested in nude beaches and resorts because of the very reason of self acceptance. It was the most vivid dream I ever remember having.

With my wife's surprising support, she said she wasn't interested but said go ahead if you want to try it. I was away on business again in Houston, and made arrangements to visit Emerald Lake in Porter, Texas. I was hooked as I drove in the gate.

That first time taking my clothes off in the warm October sun out of doors was a feeling I will never forget. I made some immediate friends that have been friends ever since. My travels made it possible for me to visit many resorts and a couple of beaches as well as a national park in the dessert where one can be nude.

I love nudism, I love the open-minded, non-judgmental people I have met all over the country and the emotional confidence and self-acceptance I have gained. The spiritual value has been something I never even expected. It was so freeing and healthy to shed old beliefs about nudity being immoral, and fulfill a deep inner desire I have had since childhood.

My wife has tried it twice but says she just doesn't get the same thing that I get out of social nudism. Bless her heart for giving it a go, and continuing to support me in nudism.

I'd be nude all day every day if my life and surroundings allowed it. I cherish nudism and all it stands for and can't even express properly, what it has added to my life.

I did have a Brilliant Dream, and I am still living it! Who knows, some day, I may even start a Speech Club!